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with Love, always

My journey thus far has been intimately along the path of serving others; it is with great joy that I have found my home in Reiki Therapy. This focused intention on Energy Healing has brought tremendous purpose and light into my life and it is my vocation to channel this Love for you. In becoming a humble vessel of health, growth, cleansing and change, I offer you my time and efforts so that we may endure and enrapture ourselves in the great walk of life. May you be fully aware, connected, inspired and creative, and allow your unique expression to be apart of this wonderful symphony of BEing. Together we heal. I Am with Love, always. Namaste.

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Reiki Treatment

Aura Cleansing

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing by activating the natural restorative processes of the patient's body to harmonize physical and emotional well-being. Although Reiki is spiritual in nature it is not a religion; there is no dogma and aims no conflict of individual belief systems. Reiki provides love and compassion with the soul-intention of goodness. Reiki can do no harm and is always helpful and always safe. 

Rei is Universal Spiritual Wisdom, beyond the ego, grounded in the knowing and genesis of the supreme collective whole, where all creation and intention manifests. Ki is Life Energy, synonymous with Qi/Chi (Chinese), Prana (Sanskrit), Mana (Polynesian), Animus (Western Culture), Biofield Energy (Science), etc. This 'breath of life' concept combined is indeed Universal Life Force: REIKI - the vital energy that animates and guides conditional existence. Found in both the atmosphere and the human body and existing in various densities and levels of clarity or turbidity, Ki is responsible for the intensity of one's emotions and overall state of well-BEing. A balanced and healthy Ki is invigorating and free and without the restrictions of dis-ease in the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Reiki Practitioners seek to daily fine-tune their sensitivity to the subtle and capitalize on emitting Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) from our palm chakras; capable of up to and between, .3 and 30 Hz. Biologically, optimal levels of electromagnetic frequencies for stimulating human tissue repair are all within the ELF range. This pulsing electromagnetic field from the hands of Reiki Therapists enables and aids in nerve regeneration (2 Hz), bone growth (7 Hz), ligament repair (10 Hz) and capillary formation (15 Hz). This incredible planet we live on, Earth, produces it's own electromagnetic spectrum also in the ELF range and has been coined the Schumann Resonance estimated to be 7.83 Hz. This natural 'tuning fork' of the planet is believed to generate natural healing properties when it's living inhabitants are entrained to its rhythm. Are you feeling out of sync? Reiki Practitioners are Energy Healers that have been documented to most frequently produce 7 Hz from their hands and observed to harmonize with the common vibration level of the Earth. While in the act of healing, Reiki Therapists register brain wave activity in the Alpha state averaging about 7.8-8.0 Hz; effectively synchronizing with the Earth's electromagnetic spectrum and serving as a conductor of universal frequency optimal in healing the human body.

Reiki is a powerful holistic tool for facilitating and directing pure and natural life energy to the desire of the healee's individual needs. It will vitalize all forms of life, from plants to animals, fish, birds and humans and from infancy to old age with the ultimate goal of manifesting harmony and balance in life. Reiki is Innate Intelligence flowing through the practitioner and to the client; both parties must be open and willing to give and receive. Let us intend to heal and grow together and watch our physical reality flourish. 

May you seek to BE yOUR best: Here and Now.

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Reiki Treatment

Chakra Balancing

Personal Reiki Session

Your unique Reiki treatment will always be a new and fresh experience taking into genuine consideration your personal well-being upon arrival. Together, with a loving objective to release any attachment or energies that are no longer serving your greater purpose and wholistic health we will set a session intention, balance your chakras, cleanse your aura and give attention to primary and underlying secondary areas of your person that are in need of gentle care. This will include a full body scan and treatment including tools such as breath work, light touch, meditation, sound healing, and essential oils and crystals upon permission.

You are worthy of Love! 

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Remote Therapy

Long Distance Reiki Treatments

Although Reiki works best in close proximity and via light touch, Reiki can also be successfully channelled and received from afar. This includes those patients who are uncomfortable with an intimate setting and would prefer not to have the practitioner touch or be within vicinity of preferred personal space. Further, if an interested client finds themselves out of area or unable to book an in-person appointment a Reiki session can be administered at long distance with an approved time and meditative session for both therapist and patient. The details and distinct logistics of this procedure will be agreed upon after an exchange via phone or email of the clients needs and the practitioners suggested use of transmission.

Intention is free of time and space.

I am always here for you.


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